7.14.15. prompt: FIRE

dave benz, artist
Brad Cohen, writer
Joyce Garay, poet
Alex Harris, designer
Katherine McDowell, visual artist
Jennifer Mercede, artist
Lena Munday, a/v artist
Jennifer Rabin, conceptual artist/writer
Mette Hornung Rankin, designer/illustrator
Mark Saltveit, palindromist/writer/comedian
Liz Scott, writer
Toni Tabora-Roberts, dabbler
Bill Wadhams, musician

Toni Tabora-Roberts: Going into SHARE, I knew I would start with creating a blackout poem aka erasure. It's recent practice I've taken up inspired by lots of makers on Instagram. 
Here's how my blackout poem turned out:

help drive need
some form of burning rekindles
relentless whisper brings energy jolt
it is power
it is moving

From that, I found myself drawn to the word whisper. I then played around with word pairs derived from the poem.

"Power whisper" jumped out at me. Everything up until then had been pretty straightforward, kinda serious, earthy. I wanted to see if I could create something more funny. I did a free write in which I started discovering a character. 

This is where I got a little stuck. I took a break and enjoyed some almond thins and more beer. I went and bugged my pal Lena who was getting into some interesting things. After we chatted, she offered for me to draw from her Science Tarot deck for inspiration. That was just the kick I needed. Gathering more inspiration from my tarot draw, I started improvising a two person scene on paper. Below is a character outline and the first scene I wrote. I was imagining a "post-apocalyptic sit com" kind of genre. 

The Maven
  • speaks in slow whispers
  • likewise, moves very slowly, very little
  • seems old
  • loves to be outdoors
  • never sits down, only stands or lies
  • meticulous dress
  • fastidious
  • warm, soft
The Empress
  • voice is deep and lyrical, almost a song
  • slow moving, grand gestures
  • has a feline quality
  • almost always seated
  • never leaves her space
  • cold on the outside, warm inside
Maven: Thank you for this water.
Empress: Not many places offer it for free anymore.
Maven: You're a good friend.
Empress: An old one.
Maven: Yes, I can hardly remember.
Empress: Because you're wasted.
Maven: Because I'm wasting away.
Empress: What was your last meal?
Maven: Peas. Four peas from one pod.
Empress: When?
Maven: Yesterday. Lucky me, eh?
Empress: An actual pea pod? Like from a plant?
Maven: I know, seems impossible.
Empress: I had peas, too, but from a can. I'm jealous.
Maven: Here, a blueberry.
Empress: You're a good friend.

Who knows if I'll ever do anything more with these characters, but I do quite like them. 
You can read a much more verbose version of this post here.


10.14.14. (optional) prompt: POCKET

jackie avery, painter
dave benz, artist
jennifer coleman, poet
chad crouch, musician
sara brant guest, poet
courtenay hameister, memoirist
james harrison, sculptor/designer
ameena lacey, musician
alyson osborne, actor
matt sipes, sculptor
lynn yarne, artist

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More work coming soon!


4.21.14. prompt: TRAP

jackie avery, painter
dave benz, artist
Shawn Bowman, fictional realist
courtenay hameister, memoirist
kevin meyer, writer
matt mount, barkeep
anne rasmussen, writer
matt sipes, sculptor
elizabeth start, mixed-media artist
lucas swick, musician
cara ungar-gutierrez, thinker